“It Never Happened”- Humanity in Denial

By Wade Frazier

June 2010


By far, the most common reaction to my life’s story is denial.  Nearly everybody who encounters my tale refuses to believe that what I survived and saw really happened.  The organized suppression that we were on the receiving end of, the billion-dollar bribe that Dennis Lee was offered, the paranormal events that guided our journeys (1, 2, 3), are all dismissed with the wave of a hand.  Some people spend considerable time and effort trying to deny what we experienced, as if those events never happened, no matter how well documented and undeniable they might be.  If they cannot make the facts disappear, then they try to spin them upside down.  

Dennis’s historical significance, so far, is likely making the biggest run ever at bringing alternative energy to the American marketplace (before I even met him), and his indefatigable persistence in the face of immense obstacles.  The billion-dollar bribe delivered by a CIA man was just part of the terrain.  Of the innumerable preposterous events that have attended Dennis’s journey, that offer might rank in the top five and is probably in the top ten.  However, I have continually encountered outright denial of our experiences, particularly the billion-dollar bribe, even though it was not very unusual.  Dennis's efforts definitely posed a threat like no other to those who manage the world energy paradigm, so a billion dollars was on the upper end of the range, but there have been other reports of such bribes, even offered by lower-level bribers in the energy milieu.  I have never heard of anybody who has played the free energy (“FE”) game at the level that Dennis has, for as long.  Only those with little or no experience playing the FE game, at the levels where they attract the Global Controllers’ (GCs) attention, have their minds challenged by a billion-dollar bribe (which is understandably more than 99.9999% of humanity, but those few who survived their experiences in that realm have no problem with believing it, and can sometimes tell stories that top it).  Establishment hacks always lie about Dennis (1, 2), which is no surprise, but the facts of our journeys are also almost universally denied by our “allies” in the field, who then concoct Big Lies about Dennis, lies without a shred of documentary support, and those lies become endlessly repeated by other FE “allies,” which rather spectacularly demonstrates the fact that personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity

Those challenges to my credibility highlight a key aspect of my work: humanity’s deeply ingrained denial, and the system of power and control that reinforces it.  Most of the mind-control methods used on humanity are not the cloak-and-dagger games that the GCs play, but those of our everyday indoctrination, such as forcing American children into the modern-day idolatry of pledging allegiance to a flag.  

George Washington’s greatest achievement was stealing American Indian land and laying the blueprint for the theft of a continent in what is arguably history’s greatest swindle.  However, readers will not find any discussion of Washington’s plan in the standard biographies.  In the George Washington article at Wikipedia, there is no mention of Washington’s great achievement.  In early 2007, a Wikipedia reader noted the lack of any mention of Washington’s plan, and cited my writings on the subject.  That issue has yet to be addressed in the article, and likely never will be. 

That is far from the first instance of Wikipedia omitting history’s important facts.  My contributions to a Wikipedia massacre article were actively censored.  The “settling” of the Western Hemisphere by Europe might be history’s greatest crime.  The greatest butcheries of Indians by Europeans were perpetrated by the Spanish in what became Latin America.  While most of those bloodbaths on what became the USA's soil were moved to an American Indian massacres list (although some were edited by others, first, usually in attempts to water them down) all of the Latin American Spanish slaughters were completely eliminated, including one of the first and nearly the greatest: the one led by Christopher Columbus.  That massacre will not be found in the standard biographies of Columbus, either, including the Wikipedia article

Those enormous achievements/crimes by America’s greatest Founding Fathers are completely swept under the carpet, as if they never happened.  American students, even history majors, can complete college and never learn any differently

That entrenched denial, perpetrated by the cultural managers and digested and sustained by those they manage, is found in virtually all important aspects of human activity, from the Western medical paradigm to the “news,” to the censorship of Mark Twain’s and George Orwell’s writings, and so on.  Because the energy issue is so central and critical to the human journey, and free energy would be disruptive to the world’s power structure like nothing else, the energy paradigm is probably the most closely managed and its potential disruptions are the most actively suppressed.  More than 99% of humanity is trapped in the early layers of the free energy onion.  That seemingly universal psychological denial has been remarked upon for many years, with Machiavelli’s observation of five hundred years ago as relevant today as ever.

Can humanity overcome its collective denial and wake up in time?  I am trying to find out


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