An Open Letter to the Free Software Movement

Wade Frazier

July 2006

This open letter is written in an attempt to interest some members of the free software movement in an abundance paradigm, and simply be willing to discuss it.  If enough people can be found who can simply think about an abundance paradigm, it could create sufficient awareness to make it happen.  Not only would humanity’s current sled-ride-to-oblivion halt, but heaven-on-earth can also manifest.  The nuts-and-bolts of making an abundance paradigm a daily reality already exist but unfortunately are suppressed to keep humanity enslaved to a paradigm based on scarcity, something that I learned first-hand long ago. 

Many members of the free software movement may be closer to comprehending an abundance paradigm than about any people that I have yet encountered.  A member of your community believes that some in the free software movement already comprehend the abundance paradigm, so my task may be easier than I think. 

I recently wrote an essay on what an abundance paradigm looks like and what it does not look like.  Economic abundance will be the root of an abundance paradigm.  Without economic abundance, almost all other abundance ideas are wishful thinking.  I discovered the hard way that personal integrity is earth’s scarcest commodity, and have been searching for a high integrity group for nearly twenty years.  I believe that personal integrity is the key to making an abundance paradigm appear.  Personal integrity has obviously fueled the efforts of many in the free software movement’s ranks, which is why I am writing this essay. 

I am not writing as a theorist, but as an activist.  I was involved in the most significant effort that I am aware of to bring alternative energy to the American marketplace.  During that bizarre odyssey, I discovered that free energy already exists.  By free energy, I mean virtually limitless, non-polluting, zero-operating-cost energy.  I recently wrote a five-page essay that outlines my journey.  While some of that essay may seem unbelievable, every significant fact is linked to the pertinent part of my 1,200-page website.  I provide support for every assertion that I make, and limit my discussions to facts and ideas that people can prove to themselves. 

I am an American and my work is directed largely to Americans, but the dynamics I will relate in this essay have global relevance.  The nationalistic fables that the Chinese and Israeli people are raised with will necessarily be different than the nationalistic fables that Americans are raised with, but the goal is the same: controlling what people think.  Contrary to the myths of American nationalism, America’s Founding Fathers did not invent freedom.  However, ever since the English civil war in the 1600s, the ruling classes of English-speaking lands have had limited ability to control their subjects through violence.  Therefore, the ruling classes had to try to control what people thought.  Ideological indoctrination is as old as civilization, but controlling what people think has become a science in America, because what they think does matter to their ruling class. 

The ideologies that Americans are raised with are based on the scarcity paradigm and are egocentric because they elevate one group of people at the expense of others, and finding one’s self on the “winning team” is the primary reason those ideologies find fertile ground.  Also, those ideologies are fed to people when they are young and vulnerable, and most people never again question their indoctrination.  If those ideologies are challenged, most believers resort to highly irrational defenses of them, a phenomenon vividly evident in America since September 1, 2001.  My “peers” - white educated American men - have always been the most irrational and vicious critics of my work, and not many can read more than a few pages without blowing a fuse.  That reaction seems to be because I show how our status as history’s most privileged demographic group is not due to our unique virtue. 

After several years of effort, I realized that attempting to interest the general public in my work was futile for now.  I have focused my efforts toward potentially receptive groups for years, but have yet to find that group.  Again, personal integrity has been the most important quality to assist comprehension, and those with the highest integrity also have lain aside more of the egocentric ideologies.  I have referred those ideologies as “mind-crutches.”

In addition to laying aside the mind-crutches, a critical realization helps a world of abundance appear.  Scarcity is the bedrock assumption of virtually every earthly ideology, and scarcity and failure are nearly hardwired into human consciousness, something that R. Buckminster Fuller clearly saw.  The scarcity assumption is so deeply baked into human awareness that it is invisible to most people, like the air we breathe.  In real terms, all civilizations and all economies for all time have ridden atop their ability to extract, conserve and consume energy, and civilizations have collapsed when they ran out of energy.  Everything else in economics is of secondary importance, and there are telling statistics that spell it out very clearly.  However, in a world of scarcity, most of what passes for economics today focuses on who enjoys the benefit of the scarce economic production, not how the production is attained

Today’s Americans consume about eighty times the energy that is provided by our diets.  That energy consumption is almost entirely responsible for our standard of living.  Money, banking, accounting and laws deal with the exchange aspect of economics, and are largely meaningless in a world of economic abundance.  Many “radical” ideas in economics focus almost exclusively on its exchange aspect.  For instance, Michael Albert’s radical economic manifesto, Parecon, does not even discuss the energy issue.  If everybody on earth had access to a thousand (or hundred thousand) times the energy that their diets provided, the exchange aspect of economics would no longer be the focus of attention that it is today.  The economic “radicals” are focused on slicing up humanity’s scarce economic pie more equitably, and ignore making the pie bigger.  If the pie were a hundred times bigger than it is today, people would not be fighting to enlarge or preserve their slice.  With free energy, that quantum leap in the human standard of living could be made with no environmental impact.  A world of abundance can look a lot like heaven-on-earth. 

However, the people that rule the world understand the issue of energy and economics and are addicted to “power.”  Consequently, they have been vigilant to ensure that free energy, anti-gravity and other technologies do not make it into the public’s hands.  They offered my partner perhaps as much as a billion dollars to stop pursuing free energy in the 1980s.  I call those people the “Big Boys” in my work, and they informed a leading figure in the free energy effort that they have paid out $100 billion in quiet money over the past few generations to prevent people from bringing those advanced technologies to the public.  That quiet money is one of their “benign” tactics.  When the big carrot did not work on my partner, the Big Boys used the big stick, and they used our corrupt legal system to wipe us out, and I watched many lives get destroyed, including my own.  I have since discovered that our treatment was a fairly standard tactic, although more extreme in our case, because we were probably closer to delivering significant alternative energy to the American marketplace than anybody else has ever come. 

I do not tell the tale of our adventures to elicit a piteous response, but largely to address the most naïve and common response to the free energy issue: “If free energy devices really existed, I should be able to buy one.”  Denial is by far the most common response to our experiences, but almost nobody has ever had a constructive response to the issue.  If people can get past denial (by looking into the situation for themselves), they usually have other unproductive reactions. 

A key to solving the free energy conundrum is walking the razor’s edge of acknowledging the suppression but not succumbing to paranoia, revenge, hopelessness and other unproductive, fear-based reactions.  I know of only a handful of people who may possess the qualities needed to lead a free energy effort over the finish line.  The “hundred heroes” model of making free energy happen seems unviable, because those hundred heroes may not exist.  I have therefore attempted a seemingly less perilous strategy: educating people on the free energy conundrum and helping a vision of abundance take root.  However, at this time, free energy and a world of abundance has proven itself unthinkable to the vast majority of humanity, a situation that the Big Boys have carefully managed.

My experience is that those who cannot comprehend abundance are leaning heavily on their mind-crutches.  Perhaps the most crippling mind-crutch among the technically trained are the “laws of physics.”  NASA was advised long ago that scientists may be the group most threatened by the fact of extraterrestrial visitors, as their worldview may crumble when confronted by intelligence and technology orders of magnitude beyond our own.  Today, anybody can go to a ranch in Washington State and watch extraterrestrial craft fly by every night.  If they fly low, our military will attack them.  The attacks are not to protect humans from ETs, but to protect the world’s power structure from people having access to free energy and related technologies.  In fact, the Big Boys have long possessed free energy, anti-gravity and other exotic technologies - largely due to reverse engineering captured ET craft.  I know people who have had such technologies demonstrated for their benefit.  Experienced people in the field realize that the revelations of free energy, anti-gravity and related technologies invalidate almost everything we “know” about physics.  Albert Einstein cheerfully realized that we know almost nothing about how the universe operates, but the scientific establishment’s defenders aver that we have it all figured out, which has been a persistent notion for the entirety of science’s history.  I have known some world-class scientific and inventive minds, and they all had Einstein’s attitude about how much we really “know.”  History’s greatest physicists were almost all, to one degree or another, mystics.  However, a rationalist-materialist paradigm has dominated the scientific establishment’s worldview for centuries.  The rationalist-materialist paradigm is a form of religion.  It is a subtler religion than what is called organized religion, but it has its priests, popes and Inquisition

Will the lust for power disappear with free energy’s appearance?  I doubt it will entirely vanish, but those hooked on their power trip will no longer be able to keep humanity mired in misery so they can play god (also called ruling in hell).  Lust for power will not completely die out, but it would no longer run the show in a world of abundance. 

There are many pitfalls on the path of pursuing free energy, but the most formidable may be the unwillingness to even imagine it.  Here are some recent examples of this phenomenon.  Richard Heinberg may be earth’s most prominent “Peak Oil” advocate.  He writes dismissively about free energy, but declined a friendly invitation to be educated from the inside about the very situations that he dismissed.  He frames the world energy situation in a neo-Malthusian paradigm of endless-growth/overshoot-and-collapse.  He does not seem capable of comprehending an abundance paradigm, and instead preaches austerity as the only viable solution to humanity’s energy situation.  After years of interacting with “environmentalists,” I realized that they do not want to hear about free energy, which could heal the environment like nothing else.  Their solution is “let’s ride bikes” and other austerity measures (tactics that Fuller made clear were doomed), and Heinberg has been adopted as one of their prophets.  I have largely been in seclusion on the free energy issue for several years, but have lately been entering some public discussions.  Not long ago, I was introduced to an anarchist discussion of Peak Oil and the energy issue.  Anarchists have largely laid aside the nationalist and capitalist mind-crutches, but did not present even one thoughtful response to my posts.  I was quickly dismissed, then ignored.  Unfortunately, those have been the standard reactions to my offers to get educated on what may be the most important issue on earth today, by people who say they are seeking solutions.  I rarely even hear back from the people I make the offer to. 

I have greater hopes for the free software movement, as the ideas put forth by Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen and others neatly align with the abundance paradigm, and in my work I make it clear what three factors led to humanity’s rise on earth: energy, manipulative ability and intelligence.  The reproduction of intelligence is in its infancy.  I consider the free software movement’s members to be fellow travelers and possibly much more.  I have designed information systems professionally, and have given away a way to use software to immediately and dramatically raise the standard of living of millions of Americans, turning a miserable profession into something much more pleasant.  I have yet to find a receptive audience to the idea, but the free software movement can help make it happen.  Technically, making my idea come to fruition would be easy.  Is there any interest in dialogue? 


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