Introduction to this Site's Forum

By Wade Frazier

September 2014

Welcome to this site's forum.  You can directly access the forum's content at this link.  The forum's content is freely available to all of humanity, and is intended to discuss this site and my big essay that was published in September 2014.

My immediate goal is for readers to develop a comprehensive perspective of the journey of life on Earth, which includes the human journey.  I seek to help readers develop an epochal perspective, and understand what the potential of abundant and harmlessly produced energy can be for humanity and the health of Earth's ecosystems.  The world as we know it can end, and an unprecedented epoch of abundance, peace, and Earth healing can commence.  That has been my life's work since I was 16 years old, and will still be my life's work when I take my last breath in this lifetime.

This site's forum is intended to be different from any other that I have seen, and it needs to be different to stand a chance of attaining my goals for it.  There are no anonymous participants, and they, at minimum, have read and digested my essay on energy and human journey, and ideally will have read my entire site.

This forum is not intended to host an arcane discussion, but an accessible one on what may be the most important topic on Earth today.  It will approach the subject from a comprehensive perspective, and the forum's members will be attempting to achieve an abundance-based orientation to the issues.  However, although it will deal with many difficult ideas, it will avoid specialist terminology as much as possible.  I have yet to see such an approach mounted on Earth, and particularly one that is scientifically grounded and has an understanding of how the world really works, or at least one that is far closer to reality than what our indoctrination systems depict.

If you read my big essay and are interested in joining this forum, please realize that it is a forum of public writers, and if you write about this essay on the Internet and link to my essay, and there is a way to publicly contact you, then you may be invited into the forum.  The forum is intended to reach several thousand members one day, who will be singing the song of abundance.  That "choir" is intended to attract around 100,000 people who will absorb the ideas and help mount a transparent effort to develop a free energy device that can be given to the world and mass produced, so that every human directly benefits from it.

It will not happen overnight, and the choir may even create "harmonic" effects to help free energy technology manifest (which has been on Earth for longer than I have been alive), and that action by the 100,000 will not be required for manifesting free energy, but will likely play an important role in its enlightened implementation. 

That is my goal as of September 2014.  Impatience is my Achilles heel, and time is short to avoid a global catastrophe, but my path has been teaching me patience.  I will resist any efforts to take shortcuts.  I have witnessed shortcut attempts many times, and they all ended in disaster.  I am taking a different approach that is intended to form a solid foundation, and then build on it. 

Happy reading, or singing,





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