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Welcome to this web page.  If you are interested in free energy, cancer cures that are harmless, cheap and effective, or how this planet might be healed and what some of the obstacles seem to be, you might find these pages of interest.  To readers from the past, welcome back.  To those new to my work, I hope that you find something worthwhile on this site.

The information on this web site is freely given.  Several pieces of it, and other writings of mine, have been published elsewhere.  If you want to reproduce some of these writings, I ask that you also provide a link to this site, and tell your readers that what you have reproduced is a small excerpt of it.  Also, since this information is freely given, I do not want anybody to charge for it.  Please reproduce it in the spirit in which it has been given to the world.  Thank you.

This work defies neat categorization, and the political-economic-historical-scientific-spiritual aspects of this work pervade all of it, and are all interrelated.  Nevertheless, an attempt has been made to organize this site's essays into something resembling order.

New Material Added since 2004 - with a new section on additions made in 2010.

The Late, Great, Howard Zinn - Added on January 27, 2010

Some of my essays have been translated into Spanish, here.


Sections of This Home Page:

Interviews and Public Interaction

Activist Essays

Comprehensive Essays and General

Personal and Spiritual

Political and Historical

Economic and Scientific

Interviews and Public Interaction

My Recent Public Interaction (34K) - Initially published in June 2011

My Radio Show Appearance with Carol Brouillet (52K) - This is the first time that I have publicly discussed my adventures and this site's subject matter.  Here is a sound file of the show (15 megabytes).

My Project Camelot Interview (109K) - Published in May 2009 

Activist Essays

My Upcoming Energy and Humanity Essay and Related Activism (53K) - Published in October 2010

Lessons Learned from My Journey (110K) - Published in April 2010

Paths of Radicalization (78K) - Published in March 2009

Brian O'Leary's Biography (52K) - Published in December 2010

Memories of Brian (141K) - Published in April 2012

Keys to Comprehending Abundance-Based Paradigms (115K) 

"It Never Happened" - Humanity in Denial (9K) - Published in June 2010

Global Racket Risk Analysis and the Threat that Dennis Lee Presented (83K) - Published in July 2010

The Strange, Harrowing Journeys of Free Energy Activists (75K) 

An Open Letter to the Radical Left - Let’s Truly Get Radical and Heal the Planet (101K)

An Open Letter to the Free Software Movement (24K) 

Comprehensive Essays and General

An Introduction to This Website (122K) 

This Website's Purpose (64K) - I have a section on how to use this website.

A World Based on Abundance - What it Looks Like; What it Does Not Look Like (40K) 

Orthodoxy Versus Alternatives - The Layman's Quandary (37K)

The Free Energy Conundrum (89K) 

Peak Oil, New Energy and the End of Scarcity – Making New Energy Thinkable (51K)

Hooked on Scarcity - Reactions to New Energy and other Observations (87K)

Roots, Branches and Paradigms (72K) - The 12-page version of this 1,200-page web site.

Site Timeline (236K)

Visions of What Can Be (110K)

Links (42K)

Personal and Spiritual

My Journey and Life's Work in Five Pages (25K) - My most succinct introduction to my writings.

My Adventures (261K) 

A Vegetarian's Journey (24K)

A Spiritual Perspective (271K) Revised in February 2014.

Dennis Lee, His Critics, and the "Skeptics" (261K)

The Handiwork of the BPA Hit Man (34K)

Watching UFOs with James Gilliland (25K) 

Pictures from My Life

Political and Historical

Lies I Was Raised With (241K)

Columbus, The Original American Hero (143K) Revised in February 2014.

The American Empire (1,098K)

The Biases of Wikipedia - A Case History  (49K)

Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits (30K)

Investigating Possible Conspiracies and Cover-ups – JFK, The Moon Landings, etc. (429K)

Economic and Scientific

Racketeering for Fun and Profit (14K)

The Energy Racket (284K)

The Medical Racket (777K)

Ralph Hovnanian's Medical Dark Ages Quotations (337K)

Fluoridation: A Horror Story (161K)

The Business of War (690K)

Other Rackets (124K)

Julian Simon, Whaling and the "Good News" (67K)

The Savings and Loan Scandal and Public Accounting (117K) - With postscripts on my predicted scandals, with an update in April 2014.

Trucking, and One Way to Immediately Improve the Lives of Millions (93K)

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